Light Up Shabbat: CD
  • Light Up Shabbat: CD

Light Up Shabbat: CD

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Light Up Shabbat is a tribute to Shabbat, blending contemporary pop and folk melodies with some of Sheldon’s favorite poems and verses from the siddur and Shabbat liturgy. Drawing from his memories and experience leading Shabbat services, Sheldon takes us through a service and a full range of feelings from the inspirational prayers for healing and community (Mi Shebeirach, Avinu Shebashamayim), to the toe tapping songs of freedom and the Shabbat angel’s greeting (Mi Chamocha, Shalom Aleichem) to the song of love for Shabbat (L’cha Dodi). Whether it’s your feet, fingers, legs, heart, or soul, Light Up Shabbat is guaranteed to move you.

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