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It's All Challah To Me

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CHORUS: It doesn’t matter what it looks like
If it’s plain or it’s sweet
It doesn’t matter what you call it
It’s all challah to me!

Some challahs have sweet raisins
Some have sesame seeds
Some have a cinnamon swirling
Some have red cranberries
Some are covered in chocolate
Some have poppy seeds
I don’t care what it’s made of
It’s all challah to me!


In Sweden it’s a bergis
In Israel it’s challah
In South Africa it’s kitke
In Russia it’s koylatsh
In Germany it’s dacher
In Boston it’s challey
I don’t care what you call it
It’s all challah to me!


Some challahs have six braids
And some have three
Some are yellow and fluffy
Some are round and heavy
I don’t care what they look like
What’s inside matters most
I don’t care where they came from
Cause they’re all gonna be French toast

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