1. B'makom

From the recording On 1 Foot

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B'makom sh'ein anashim
Hishtadel l'hiyot ish
B'makom sh'ein anashim

Well a real strong woman lives by a code
And you can't make her sway
Treats everyone she meets just like her own
She never turns away
There may be times when trouble surrounds her
She finds herself alone
When it seems so right to do the wrong
She remembers b'makom


Well a real strong man lives by a code
A lesson tried and true
Treats everyone he meets like a long lost friend
He knows just what to do
There may be days when he’s out of range
And he feels far from home
When he’s riding in bad company
He remembers b'makom


I know sometimes it’s hard to stick your ground
I know sometimes it’s hard to speak out loud
You find the strength, You find yourself
Find the place in you that makes you proud

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